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Mobile Recharge System
An Automatic/Manual Mobile Recharge System for Top-up and Flexi-Recharge
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 Web Application Product Guide

Bonrix Software System company is a premium software development company ,Now offers Mobile Recharge Software and web based application mobile Recharge . Our dedicated support and Software Development process makes us stand alone development company in India. This is an Automatic Mobile Recharge system work with Mobile Recharge API as One Sim Mobile Recharge. Unlimited Long Code support and Multiple routes for sending SMS alerts, this is a Unique Mobile Recharge system in India.

Why Mobile Recharge System?

                 To start a dedicated Mobile Recharge Business to promote dealer distributor network with One Sim Mobile Recharge, m-Recharge system is best application. We named it as M-Recharge System, It offers complete control over your own mobile recharge business. You can control your operators, Long Code, Bulk SMS and Mobile Recharge API as per your needs.

  Main Features Provided by Web Application

  • Easy User Migration From one System to Our System.
  • Easy Single as well as Bulk Payment Facility.
  • Date wise Daily Report with opening and Closing Balance.
  • Date wise details of Credit List, Debit List and Statement.
  • Export to Excel Functionality for All types of reports.
  • Make temporary service Availability Management by Admin.
  • Multiple user Creation by uploading excel file.
  • Complaint Box facility for making and resolving Recharge Complaints.
  • Easy to Operate GUI.
  • Automatic Recharge functionality.
  • Recharge Requests can be modified after Recharge like refund/adjust/Re-recharge.
  • Recharge Requests history is maintained upto date.
  • Advanced Search facility in each Report
  • Admin can temporarily enable or disable any type of member
  • Easy to understand APIhelp and message info facility for each type of member.
  • Payment can also be Reverted by respective parent.
  • Commission PayIn and Commission PayOut Reports.
  • Both Direct Recharge and User Recharge are supported.
  • My commission info is shown to all type of members
  • Easy management of STV(Special Tariff Voucher) recharge amount, not valid recharge amount and minimum recharge amount value for each service.
  • Staff facility is also provided.


  • Third Party Support.
  • APIs for Refund and Adjust especially for third party support.
  • Dynamic Commissioning Facility.
  • Different Gateways can be chosen for different Distributors for redirecting recharge request.
  • Multiple user Creation by only uploading excel file.
  • SMS notifications for Credit/Debit/Recharge/Refund etc API functionalities for all the processes.
  • Sms based recharge facility.
  • GPRS based Application is also included.
  • Mobile based Application also developed for Blackberry/Samsung/Nokia etc.
  • Get the details of transactions, complaint status , balance details etc via sms as well as via Mobile Application.

Admin Dashboard

Dealer Dashboard

SMS Via Mobile
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